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    Textile Jackets

    Just like our motorcycles continuously have to innovate to support technology and meet your demands, so to do our Motorcycle Jackets. Motivated by the spirit of adventure, this seasons Textile Jackets are packed with multi-functional features and constructed from high-end fabric technologies to provide you with the ultimate motorcycle gear, whatever the weather.

    Textile motorcycle clothing

    Triumph Motorcycles now bring you a selection of some of the most cutting-edge textile motorcycle clothing available. Textile clothing has come a long way since it was first introduced, and continuing advances in materials development and improved design have placed motorbike textile clothing at the forefront when it comes to factors such as waterproofing, strength-to-weight ratio, level of maintenance required and wear resistance. New material developments such as Gore-Tex® have meant major advances in terms of breathability without compromising on weather protection. The end result is lightweight clothing that looks great, wears comfortably, and requires the bare minimum of effort when it comes to keeping it in tip-top shape. You can view our latest brochures online at the Triumph Motorcycles website.

    Best textile motorbike clothing

    When it comes to delivering the best textile motorcycle clothing possible, we understand that no detail is too small. Get up close and personal with every item of textile biker clothing available at your local Triumph dealership and you'll find stitching reinforced in all the right places, material that provides flexibility and durability in equal measure and a careful and considered approach to armour placement and joint reinforcement. Additional features include the ability to adapt and adjust your gear on the spot to suit the task and the environment; remove and replace shoulder, elbow and back pads as the need arises, or take out that jacket liner during the summer months for added breathability and comfort.

    Buy textile motorcycle clothing

    Choose from Triumph Motorcycles online clothing brochures and then simply call in to your local Triumph dealer for textile motorbike gear to suit every kind of rider. Looking for strong and durable racing gear? Then buy textile motorcycle clothing that can hold up to the most extreme conditions and offer excellent abrasion resistance and structural padding at the same time. Or perhaps you’re looking for something light and easy-going for day-to-day travel? Whatever the requirement, we’re sure that we offer among the best textile motorcycle clothing available... clothing that is capable of ticking all your boxes when it comes to comfort, performance, and safety.

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