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Already world-renowned for its perfect balance of razor-sharp handling, performance, attitude and aggressive style, the new generation’s triple 1050 engine takes the original hooligan to a whole new level.

With 7% higher overall peak power delivering 150PS, 10PS more than the previous generation, and 4% higher peak torque of 117 Nm at 7,150rpm. This next generation of the iconic 1050 triple revs harder for longer, with a 1,000rpm higher red line, a more immediate throttle response and all the smooth linear power delivery the triple is known for.

With a new freer flowing exhaust and premium Arrow titanium silencer on the RS, plus an improved gearbox, graded slip assist clutch, weight saving and all of the nose-down focused attitude, handling and style and you get a genuine step change in performance and the most thrilling Speed Triples we’ve ever built.

Speed Triple power and torque

There’s now even more power and torque from the next generation 1050cc Triumph Triple engine, that spins up faster and revs harder for longer. Peaking at 150PS, major engine developments have increased power throughout the entire rev range for a smooth linear power & torque delivery that gives an even more precise and intuitive ride.

Best ever soundtrack

A new freer-flowing exhaust produces the unmistakable signature roar of a significantly enhanced Triumph Triple. Improved even further by a new lighter header system and larger catalyst, the Speed Triple S features restyled race-style silencers, while the top-spec RS is fitted with new premium high level Arrow titanium sports silencers.

105 Engine improvements

There are precisely 105 engine enhancements to this latest Speed Triple engine, including new and lighter Nikasil-plated aluminium cylinder liners, a lighter crank gear, new profile pistons, new valve springs, new high-lift cam profiles, new hydraulic tensioner and tensioner blade with new rubbing strip.  Further efficiency improvements have been found with a new cylinder head, new lighter balance shaft and optimised balancer drive gear.

Other new benefits include a new sump, smaller starter motor, lighter battery and alternator, and a new airbox design.  In addition, the oil system has been re-routed and the fuel system revised, both for even more efficient performance.




This 1050cc Triple engine represents a major update that brings more power, a sharper response, and an even greater all-round ride, from standing start right up to the red line.


Central to the Speed Triple’s trademark balance of ride and handling is the newly improved gearbox. The new detent wheel improves gear shift quality, and a new output sprocket improves acceleration, all of which contributes to a greater feeling of rider control.


The graded drive gear along with the removal of the backlash gear reduce weight and improve sound, while the slip assist functionality improves clutch feel and reduces lever effort requiring a lighter touch that makes it easier for the rider to ride for longer.


The greatest Speed Triple ever made