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The Speed Triple Story

Back in 1994, Triumph launched a bike that was so distinctive and thrilling that it created a whole new category, the “Naked Streetfighter”.  The original hooligan, the Speed Triple, introduced a new attitude and style; aggressive, agile, powerful and purposeful. This was the bike that personified Triumph’s new modern attitude and innovation, and changed the way people rode and thought about Triumph.

The 'Original' Launch


In 1994 a stripped-back sporty Triple-engined 855cc newcomer was unleashed to the world.  The Speed Triple was a revelation for riders and press alike, who eagerly slotted this incredible bike into a newly-coined “naked streetfighter” category.  

The Speed Triple was immediately dubbed the ‘Original Hooligan’, and press reviews at this time included characteristically enthusiastic soundbites such as; “Triumphs never used to be this bonkers” Bike Magazine, January 1994. At the same time, MCN wrote “The all-black, stealth bomber clothes can’t hide the fact that this is one of the most accomplished chassis/engine combinations on the road. Superb power and response, with a huge spread of torque and that unique throaty exhaust note. Purposeful, naked aggression waiting to be unleashed.”

1997 - 2005


improvements were designed in to the Speed Triple that only enhanced its aggressive character, including significant weight savings and a tubular aluminium frame for better agility and balance, new fuel injection system, low mounted clip-ons, single-sided swingarm, and the now-iconic twin headlamps.  Perhaps most notably, the engine leapt up in size, to 955cc in 1999 and then to 1050cc in 2005.


The Speed Triple’s power-packed streetwise attitude has made it a perfect Hollywood movie choice for fast-moving action sequences.  Most famously, The Matrix (1999) and Mission Impossible II (2000) opted to use Speed Triples for vital scenes that demanded a nose-down ride from a high-performance bike.  For the latter film, Tom Cruise himself personally chose the Speed Triple as being the perfect motorcycle for his intrepid lead character, Ethan Hunt, in a breath-taking sequence that would immortalise this iconic bike.

2007 - 2010

The Speed Triple

with updated fuel injection, engine management system, revised exhaust design, and new inverted forks, had come of age.  Now recognised for its class-leading agility, handling and balance, by 2010 the popularity of the Speed Triple was such that Triumph released a John Bloor limited edition model to mark the 15th anniversary.

2011 - 2016

In 2011

a number of restyling improvements that include a new lighter-weight alloy tubular chassis, further weight savings and an engine update have produced increased power of 135PS and an even more impressive torque configuration across the entire rev range.  By 2016, 104 engine parts had been precision-refined to improve the Speed Triple’s power output to 140PS, and the introduction of technology such as ride-by-wire and riding modes further consolidated the Speed Triple’s position as a game-changing class-leading streetfighter.


The Greatest Speed Triple ever made

Now, in 2018, the most powerful, best handling and most technologically advanced Speed Triple is here.

Newly Updated Triple engine

Not only is the Triumph 1050cc Triple engine packed with even more power (now peaking at 150PS @ 10,500rpm), but it’s a  newly updated triple engine with a fuller and smoother torque curve all the way through the range, so it spins up faster, revs harder for longer, and delivers all the way up to a red line that’s now a full 1,000 rpm higher than it was before.


It’s an addictive ride with iconic nose-down attitude together with superior handling, stylish finishing, a hair-raising soundtrack, and other brand new premium enhancements including a full-colour 5-inch TFT instrument display, optimised cornering ABS and traction control delivered by a new inertial measurement unit. Up to five riding modes (Road, Rain, Sport, and Rider-Configurable plus the RS-only Track), and illuminated switch cubes for quick and easy access to functions.

The original Hooligan

Now more powerful, more responsive, and built to provide a perfect balance of attitude, handling and character, with a Triple engine soundtrack you’ll never forget.