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Inspired to ride?

Take a look at our guide on how you can learn to ride...

Its easier than you think to get riding a Triumph.

Step 1 - CBT - This is a simple days training to teach you the basics of a bike and get you riding on a smaller bike. 

Step 2 - Theory - Just like driving a car, you need to pass a theory test for bikes. This tests your knowledge of the highway code and your hazard perception.

Once you've done those things, it all depends on how old you are.

OVER 24?

You can be on the road in no time as you qualify for a Direct Access Scheme (DAS). Taking direct access means you'll have a full motorcycle licence without previously holding a licence for a smaller bike for two years - you'll have no restriction on the size of machine you can ride


Once you have passed both Module 1 and 2 you will be able to ride any sized bike. Take a look at our guide to choosing your bike


Under 24?

A2 Licence

If you are over 19, an A2 Licence offers you the ability to possess a standard motorcycle from the age of 19, much like our A2 Street Triple. You will need to complete the Module 1 and 2 above on a bike at least 395cc and between 20kW and 35kW.

still Undecided?

Discover Triumph's Top 9 reasons why you should ride a motorcycle