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Inspiration Triumph Motorcycles 1st Jun 2023

To celebrate the stunning Triumph Chrome Collection, Triumph has collaborated with influential street artist, Dave Bonzai, who specialises in hyper-realistic chrome effect art, to create a one-of-a-kind piece at the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience, Hinckley.

Bonzai perfectly captures the mesmerizing, reflective qualities of chrome in this unique abstract interpretation of the Triumph chroming process. This explosion of liquid metal was created entirely with spray paint over a 2-day period, using the same precision and craftsmanship Triumph use when chroming the latest special editions. Through a method of layering different coloured paint, Bonzai brings the wall to life with hyper-realistic liquid chrome art using predominately black, white, and grey paint.

Dave Bonzai painting behind the scenes in black and white)
Bonzai stood next to a Triumph Thruxton Chrome Edition

The London based artist first started painting liquid chrome art back in 2016, with the ambition to create photo realistic pieces. He has refined his craft over the years to achieve today’s high-end finish.

To select the design, Triumph and Bonzai went back and forth with a few ideas, referencing the scale of the wall, with Dave creating some initial designs. Once it collectively felt like the design had the right flow and energy it was finalised, ready to be scaled up on the wall.


“This piece really captures the beauty and quality of the chrome that’s on the bikes."

One of the aims with this piece, was to enable the artwork to interact with one of the Chrome Editions. To do this, negative space was left towards the bottom, allowing a gap for a bike to be situated in, so when photographed the bike looks like it’s coming alive and becomes part of the artwork.



A key element in Bonzai’s chrome street art is referencing his surroundings in his work. For example, when he paints in London, if he knows it’s on a bus route, he’ll add highlights of red, imitating the reflection of a bus, which really brings the street art to life. Similarly with the unique piece created with Triumph, he has included reflections of the building’s windows and the big blue sky, as it’s a very open space. These touches help to imitate the natural reflective properties of chrome.

As at Triumph, finishing details are important to Bonzai because they are the refining touches which really bring everything together.

Dave Bonzai painting)

 “I'm always interested in seeing the progression of certain artists and and it’s great to see Triumph doing the same.”


Watch the full Triumph X Bonzai film, and see this unique artwork unfold from start to finish.

Dave describes that his favourite part of the whole process is seeing the public’s reaction once a piece is complete. You too can view this one-of-a-kind street art in person at the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience.


Available for one year only, the Triumph Chrome Collection is a celebration of hand-crafted style and tradition, perfectly showcasing the craft and capability of the dedicated teams that have perfected the skill of chrome detailing over many years. 

Triumph Chrome Collection

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