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Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro
Epic Adventures Triumph Motorcycles 28th Feb 2023

Tiger 1200 Epic Adventures

Piotr Ganczarski and Tobiasz Kukieła are two Polish Motorcycle Journalists who are not afraid of adventures and love to discover new places. Although both Piotr and Tobiasz have visited lots of the world, the British Isles remain an undiscovered section of Europe for both. On board two Triumph Tiger 1200s their transcontinental trip from Poland led them through Germany, Belgium, Holland, and France before reaching the white cliffs of Dover. Below Piotr and Tabiasz tell their story of their adventure.





Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro)



“The Triumph Tiger 1200 is a motorcycle made for all kinds of expeditions. It was no coincidence that our choice fell to this motorcycle when we were planning our trip to its native land, Great Britain. Behind our journey is the adventurous story of a transcontinental motorcycle trip from the south of Poland to Triumph's headquarters in the English city of Hinckley. 


We chose the destination of the British Isles because, despite its geographical location in Europe, it remains quite an exotic destination for Polish motorcyclists. Nature, culture, and also in terms of motorization – there are many reasons why we wanted to get to know Great Britain from the saddle of a motorcycle. And since the Tiger 1200s were born in Hinckley, England, we had an additional reason to take them home once again."





The most beautiful part of our trip was undoubtedly our final destination, the most interesting and spectacular corners of Great Britain. Beautiful Cornwall, Devon, and of course charming Wales. Unfortunately, we were not able to look into every corner that tempted us. So we definitely have to go back to the UK, it has so much to offer that it is impossible to see and feel everything in one trip.



Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro



In turn, the worst section was, of course, German highways – rainy weather and cold did not set a positive mood for the long and boring runs between refueling. Fortunately, the new Tigers are very comfortable motorcycles. So they allowed us to travel quickly and efficiently sneak through the continental part of Western Europe.

We also visited the Triumph factory and immersed ourselves in the history served by the Triumph Factory Experience. This place is a definite point on the "bucket list" for every motorcyclist.

It's hard to choose one machine in the museum that made the biggest impression on me. Certainly, communing being in the presence of the motorcycle from the movie "The Great Escape" is an unforgettable moment, but the first Bonneville, or the first three-cylinder Triumph, are also gems that make the eyes of motorcycles enthusiast spark stronger.

The United Kingdom made a very positive impression on us. Friendly people, casual visits to the Goodwood Revival festival, sleeping in the wild (although it's quite hard in England), beautiful nature, interesting culture and delicious local beer. There is still a lot to see, so we intend to return to the Islands as soon as possible, maybe even this year. We are looking forward to do it!”



TIGER 1200

Triumph Tiger 1200: the world-beating all-roads adventure bike, perfected by you…



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