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Triumph in Moto2™

As the exclusive engine supplier to the FIM Moto2™ World Championship since the start of the 2019 season, Triumph Motorcycles provides all of the teams with race-tuned 765cc triples, each of which is based on the class-leading Street Triple RS powerplant. With developments that allow the engine to breathe more freely and rev harder, peak power output is more than 140PS (an increase of more than 17% over the production bike). 

Triumph’s inaugural year was a record-breaking debut: 16 circuit lap records and 18 circuit top speeds were claimed from the 19 races, as well as the first ever +300km/h Moto2™ top speeds. The Triumph 765cc triple powerplant redefined the class.

Eight more lap records were broken in 2020, with seven different Moto2 Grand Prix winners. Eleven new outright circuit lap records set, smashing the benchmarks already redefined by Triumph 765cc triple power during 2019. A new World Champion in Enea Bastianini, crowned from a title fight that went to the very last race of the season and where Luca Marini and Sam Lowes in second and third finished tied on points. Over 200,000 kilometres of flat-out racing over a condensed season of 15 rounds, 14 of which (with the exception of the opener in Qatar) were squeezed into just four relentless months.

Recognising the closeness of competition and the depth of talent in Moto2, Triumph and Dorna also launched the Triumph Triple Trophy in 2020 to run alongside the World Championship. 

Recognising standout performances throughout each weekend, it awards points to riders setting the fastest top speed, pole position and the fastest lap of the race. Marco Bezzecchi came to the fore with a series of fastest top speeds (often shared with multiple riders such is the parity of the engines), building an unassailable lead to win himself a Street Triple RS, the machine from which his 765cc triple race engine is derived. The Triumph Triple Trophy will run again in 2021 with the same objectives. 

Moto2™ - #PoweredByTriumph




Here it is: the new Triumph-engineered 140PS+ race-tuned 765cc Triple engine that is exclusively powering the Moto2™ World Championship. 



To celebrate the closeness of the competition in Moto2™, at the start of the 2020 season Triumph and Dorna launched the ‘Triumph Triple Trophy #PoweredByTriumph’.

breaking records

In the first major change to the Moto2™ category since 2010, the Triumph 765cc triple engine has revolutionised the class:

  • Delivering a flawless 100,000+ laps
  • 500,000+ kilometres of flat-out racing
  • Some of the closest racing in the category
  • 50+ records broken
  • First ever 300+kmh top speed for a Moto2™ machine and in 2021 lap, the 765 Triumph Triple Engines keep redefining the Moto2™ category!

And in 2021 lap, the 765 Triumph Triple Engines keep redefining the Moto2™ category!


street triple rs

Using the 765cc triple powerplant from which the Moto2™ engine is derived, the category benchmark-setting top spec Street Triple delivers even more triple engine power and torque, more aggressive styling, poise and attitude, and even better technology. It’s the ‘Ultimate Performance Street’.

Triumph's moto2 bike being ridden around the track


The Moto2™ engine represents the latest milestone in Triumph’s international racing history.

For more than a century race winners, record holders and icons of the starting grid have done so on a Triumph motorcycle.

This is Triumph’s racing pedigree...

Triumph Moto 2 Clothing Collection


Celebrate Triumph’s return to top-tier racing as exclusive engine supplier to all FIM Moto2™ World Championship teams, with this brand new range of authentic casual wear clothing.

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