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Triumph motorcycle tank being washed by cloth


One of the great benefits of owning a Triumph motorcycle is the choice of high quality options that is available whenever you want to personalise your ride by increasing its level of security or adding extra levels of protective accessories to your bike.  

In addition, if you’re unfortunate enough to ever experience a breakdown, then our Triumph Assist package is designed to get you back to normal as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Triumph motorcycle being cleaned using Muc-Off Motorcycle care kit


Triumph Motorcycles recommend Muc-Off cleaning and care products; in fact we use them in our own development workshops to help keep our motorcycles looking and performing at their best. 

Perfect for keeping your own Triumph sparkling clean, all Muc-Off products are environmentally-friendly and optimised for their approved simple three-stage care process – ‘Clean’, ‘Protect’, and ‘Lube’ – allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time riding!


Security and Protection

For even more peace of mind, choosing Triumph-branded accessories can add an extra level of security and protection to your perfect ride.

As all Triumph accessories are designed in conjunction with specific bikes, you can always be sure that they’re engineered and tested to the same quality levels as your motorcycle.

Find out how you can personalise your Triumph motorcycle’s security and protection options here.


Roadside assistance

Triumph Assist is a breakdown assistance package developed by Triumph and the RAC which has been designed specifically to give you peace of mind and help when you need it the most.

Included are three levels of cover, ‘roadside’, ‘recovery’ and ‘at home’, together with an additional level of ‘European rescue’ to ensure you have access to practical assistance if the unexpected were to happen in the UK and on the continent.