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triumph performance lubricants


An exclusively formulated range of oils, lubricants, and cleaning products, for Triumph Motorcycles. Our top-tier synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oils have been expertly developed for amplified power, optimal engine protection and unwavering reliability in all riding conditions.

The only oil lubricant range approved by Triumph for your Triumph


triumph genuine oil selector

Use our online oil selector to find the official Triumph performance lubricant oils for your motorcycle


why triumph

performance lubricants?

  • Fully tested and approved to the same standards as your Triumph Motorcycle, ensuring your Triumph remains as genuine as the day it left the factory.

  • A full range of oils, maintenance, and cleaning products applicable to the full Triumph Motorcycle line-up.

  • All our Triumph performance oils utilise industry-leading ester-based technology,  to provide unrivalled performance for your Triumph Motorcycle.

why we choose

ester-based oil

  • Lubricity - Reduces friction between moving parts resulting in reduced engine wear, smoother operation and gear changes.

  • Thermal Stability - Able to withstand high temperatures, ideal when exposed to extreme heat on those longer rides.

  • Compatibility - Suitable for use on a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and elastomers.

  • Low Volatility - Less evaporation at high temperatures, improving long-term performance for your Triumph Motorcycle.
Triumph Performance Lubricants - motocross image

We are a proud sponsor of the global Triumph Factory Motocross Teams

engine oils

Optimum engine protection with advanced ester technology



Premium quality lubricants to retain high performance for your Triumph


Specifically formulated for easy application to remove dirt and maintain a factory shine finish

To view the full range please visit your local Triumph Dealership and during routine service work completed on your motorcycle, always insist on Triumph Performance Lubricants.