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Triumph T-Series Family Riding Shot
Motorcycles Triumph Motorcycles 28th Mar 2024

Real rider questions answered directly by Triumph - everything you wanted to know about the Speed 400 and the Scrambler 400 X.


Q: What is the main inspiration behind these models?

A: We wanted to make it easier than ever for riders to own a Triumph and offer models for a new generation of Triumph riders.

Q: What is the service interval for the T-Series bikes?

A: Both bikes have a class-leading service interval of 10,000 miles (16,000km) or 12 months, which ever is to come first.

Q: Is it possible to go off-roading with the Scrambler 400 X?

A: Yes! The Scrambler 400 X has been designed to tackle light off-road tracks and trails. Where will you take yours?


Q: Are the bikes suitable for anyone?

A: Absolutely! To find out more about the bikes why not book a test ride.

Triumph T-Series family riding shot


Q: What is the maximum payload?

A: The maximum payload (including rider, passenger, luggage, and accessories) of the bike is 179kg (388lb).

Q: What are the fuel consumption figures?

A: The Scrambler 400 X and Speed 400 have a fuel consumption of just 3.5 litres/100km (80.7 mpg).

Q: Which of these bikes is your favourite?

A: We cannot decide! Each of the bikes have their own distinct character.


Q: What after-market products are available for this model?

A: We have a range of over 25 Triumph Genuine Accessories available to allow you to customise your ride.

Triumph Scrambler 400 and Speed 400 riding shot
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