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A closer look at the engine and capability of the new benchmark in the adventure category.

In January 2018, a Triumph Tiger prototype motorcycle raced in the gruelling PanAfrica Rally where, after traversing some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth, it achieved a silver medal in the desert rally’s maxi-trail class on its debut appearance.

This outstanding success was a key milestone in the development programme for the new Tiger 900 and its all-new engine.  It was also a great demonstration of how this exciting new range benefits from enhanced 900cc triple engine performance, innovative technology for comfort, control and reliability, as well as all the versatility and agility you need to approach any adventure with confidence.




With a higher 900cc capacity, and innovative new configuration, the all-new Tiger 900 engine delivers more power across the entire rev range, with a high peak power of 95 PS (70kW) @ 8,750 rpm and 9% more than the previous generation in the mid-range. Torque is also significantly increased, peaking at 87 Nm @ 7,250 rpm, which is a massive 10% more than previous generation.

The new 900cc triple engine has been designed with new ‘Siamese’ liners that allow increased capacity and torque, a new crankshaft that improves engine character and sound, a new balancer to manage the new firing order, and new camshafts, pistons and con rods.



The all-new higher capacity and higher performance 900cc engine is now fully Euro 5 compliant, and has a new T-plane triple crank with new unique 1,3,2 firing order for greater character and tractability at low rpm plus improved off-road feel. 

The result is enhanced rider connection to the rear wheel, refined on road performance and an incredibly distinctive T-plane triple soundtrack. 

The result of that is a much closer association to the throttle character, sound and feel of a twin lower down, whilst maintaining all the torque, feel and delivery in the mid-range and top-end of a triple.




All Tiger 900 models feature a slip and assist clutch, which is optimised to reduce clutch lever effort for the rider.  This adds to the Tiger 900’s ride comfort so it’s easier to ride for longer as well as during stop/start riding such as urban commutes.  The reduced clutch packaging also facilitates a narrow engine design.

An all-new twin radiator set-up delivers enhanced cooling performance, with better air-flow management that reduces the ambient heat levels felt by the rider, plus a mass optimised set-up which reduces coolant volume. There is also an all-new airbox which now has a more easily accessible air filter, and a lower engine position which lowers the bike’s centre of gravity, improving handling and low speed balance. These new designs really add to this range’s ride-enhancing capability.

Tiger 900 GT Pro
Tiger 900 Rally Pro



New tuned and mass-optimised chassis set-up

Lighter overall than the previous generation by up to 5kg, the new Tiger 900 delivers a step change in handling and agility from a new lightweight modular frame (comprising lighter weight steel trellis frame with bolt-on aluminium rear subframe and bolt-on hangers), new lighter weight engine and high specification suspension and brakes.  Each bike’s centre of gravity has been revised - moved 40mm forwards and 20mm down to achieve an enhanced weight distribution between the front and rear wheel, and better low speed balance in all riding scenarios.  The Tigers’ excellent ground clearance is maintained on all variants.


Tiger 900 GT range suspension

The GT range features an advanced suspension set-up designed to handle all the challenges you might face, including proper long distance travel and urban adventures.  Both GT models have a high quality new Marzocchi suspension specification, with 45mm USD cartridge forks that have manually adjustable compression and rebound damping, and 180mm wheel travel at the front.  At the rear the GT has manual preload and rebound damping adjustment with 170mm wheel travel, and the top-spec GT Pro has a gas pressurised RSU which is electronically adjustable for preload and rebound damping, with 170mm rear wheel travel. The GT Low Ride Height version has 151mm travel at the rear.


Tiger 900 Rally range suspension

The Rally range features a dedicated suspension set-up ready for advanced off-road riding, with new premium Showa high specification front forks with 240mm wheel travel, fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping. On the rear there is a new premium Showa gas pressurised RSU that delivers 230mm wheel travel and is fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping.  Together these have been developed to deliver the ultimate capability in the middleweight adventure segment.


Category-leading Brembo Stylema® 

All models in the new Tiger 900 line-up feature Brembo’s top specification road-going brakes.  Lightweight, compact and carefully sculpted, these high performing Brembo Stylema® calipers have reduced volume around the pistons and brake pads, reducing the internal space occupied by brake fluid to deliver a more immediate response.  Additionally, the increased airflow around the brake pads help the calipers cool quicker for even better performance and feel.


Added capability

An all-new adjustable screen comes as standard on the Tiger 900 line-up which has been designed to deliver superior wind protection in all riding scenarios with a simple, single-handed adjustment that changes the position of the screen’s aero diffusers to deflect wind off the rider and pillion while still maintaining the agile stance of the bike.  In addition, a new larger 20-litre fuel tank improves long distance capability.

Tiger 900 Rally Pro Engine close-up


All Tiger 900 models feature a built-in easy adjustable 2-position seat mechanism that is designed to allow the rider to change the seat height by 20mm to their preferred set-up.  The Tiger 900, GT and GT Pro seat height range is 810 – 830mm, and the Rally and Rally Pro seat height range is 850 – 870mm.

Accessible Low Ride Height

A dedicated lower ride height version of the mid-spec Tiger 900 GT is available which delivers a seat that is 50mm lower than standard.  This is achieved by a host of interrelated changes including dedicated forks and RSU with a tuned suspension set-up. This lower seat version, like all other Tiger 900 models, additionally features a further 20mm seat height adjustment, which means the Tiger 900 GT LRH (low ride height) seat height range is 760 – 780mm.


A dealer-fit A2 compliance kit can be fitted to all Tiger 900 GT and Rally models making them a great choice for riders looking for a fully accessible and fully capable adventure bike. This incorporates a dedicated APS twist grip and engine tune, and restricts power to 35kW/47bhp. Full power can then be easily reinstated by the dealer upon request



An adventure bike for today’s adventure attitude.

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Sapphire Black Tiger 900 GT RHS CGI

TIGER 900 GT (MY23)

Price From £12,195.00

Tiger 900 GT Low


Price From £12,195.00

Tiger 900 GT pro in Caspian blue


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Pure White Tiger 900 Rally LHS CGI


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Matt Khaki Tiger 900 Rally Pro RHS CGI


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